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Rules and Regulations

  1. Admission to all the classes will be strictly based on entrance assessment, and the availability of seats. For admission to play class, the student should have completed 3 years of age on 1st  June of the year in which admission is sought. 

  2. Transfer Certificate, Birth Certificate,  Aadhar No., duly filled admission form and 2 photographs of the child should be submitted for admission to Class 1 onwards.

  3. Students should wear neat and tidy school uniform. They must reach school on time.

  4. Each student should carry the Almanac to school every day.

  5. The school building and property must be respected. 

  6. Scribbling on walls and boards is a punishable offence.

  7. There will be zero tolerance to bullying and use of foul language.

  8. No valuables like expensive watches, mobiles, i-pods, i-pads, surplus money should be brought to school.

  9. Mobiles once confiscated, no claim will be entertained. The school phone is available for all students in cases of emergency.

  10. Half days will not be allowed to any child unless there is a medical or valid reason and the parents come to school and accompany and child back home.

  11. Parents must send a leave note stating the reason of their ward’s absence from school.

  12. Parents must attend all the PTMs to know the progress of their child.

House System

The house system provides a favourable platform for the holistic development of students. It forms the basis of all competitions in the school and promotes team spirit, group loyalty and healthy competition. The school is divided into four houses after the names of values i.e, Compassion, Confidence, Curiosity and Courage. Students compete for the inter-house competitions, demonstrating their talents and skills, bringing laurels to their respective houses

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