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Admission is determined through an interview process and the availability of vacancies. Students transferring from other CBSE schools must present their Transfer Certificates, endorsed by the Regional Office in Chennai, from their previous institution. For students coming from non-CBSE affiliated schools, their Transfer Certificates must be endorsed by the District Educational Officer. Admission decisions are contingent upon these requirements and seat availability.

Admission Criteria

  • Age of the student (Birth certificate)

  • Student's performance in the applicable examination or test.

  • Information obtained during the interview with the student and the parent.

  • Acceptance of the OPS standard terms and conditions for studies.

  • Availability of seat

  • Transfer certificate

  • Interview: The aim of interview is to find what the student knows, understands and enjoys. Parents are also required to participate in the interview. It provides a cordial atmosphere during which the applicant student will be allowed the opportunity to give evidence of his/her social skills and extra curricular interests.

  • Assessment will be made by a combination of written exercises, practical tasks and individual interaction.

Parents & Students

Prospective students and parents seeking admission to our school find a welcoming community committed to excellence. We seek eager learners ready for a journey of growth and discovery. Our school values curiosity, enthusiasm, and a passion for knowledge, nurturing students to excel academically and beyond. Parents seeking a nurturing environment for their child's potential will find a supportive partner in us. Together, we inspire a love for learning and prepare students for success in the future.




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Admissions Open

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